Tom's 1997 Essay

(1997 essay)
Perhaps the most difficult task I have ever had is trying to describe myself fully in an essay. It has taken 17 years to develop who I am, and I know that a few hundred words will not be sufficient to describe me. I'm an intellectual, fun-loving, spiritual person, and I am always trying to improve myself, never stopping until I have reached my goal. I'm currently taking eight classes in high school, five of which are advanced-placement or accelerated level classes, and I am an active member of the National Honor Society. I'm also enrolled in calculus 3 at the University of Colorado at Denver and previously took Pascal at the University of Northern Colorado. During the summers, I participate in the COSMOS program , an Upward Bound math and science program at UNC. I'm ranked third in my class and hold a 4.6 G.P.A, and I had a 33 on the ACT assessment as well as an 1100 on my SAT, which I took only in 6th grade. I plan to attend the Colorado School of Mines or Wheaton College and major in both mathematics and computer science. I want to be a computer programmer or systems analyst.

 In the small amount of free time I have when not in school or church, I write poetry, mostly about one of my friends. I also play the clarinet for my high school band, and I can play the recorder, piano, and dulcimer. On top of that, I'm a varsity member of the Kennedy High School cross-country team and also the swim team. I'm actively involved in Garden Park Mennonite Brethren Church, where I run the overhead projector during worship services and drive the middle school group to breakfast Sunday mornings. I have also developed several levels for Descent(tm) and am testing an economics class over the internet.

 The most important and most powerful aspect of my personality is my loving, compassionate side. A friend of mine spoke of me in this way: "...I kinda think you are an Angel, sent from up above to help not only me but everyone around you!" I also think of myself as something of an Angel, always trying to do God's will, usually by trying to make everyone around me happy. I spend most of my time helping people, whether it is in school, church, or anywhere else. I'm usually the first person people go to when they need help in school, and recently I've found myself being asked for advice about God, love, and life by several of my friends. I never turn down anyone seeking help, and I always try to give the best advice I can. I find myself in constant prayer, always seeking God's help and his grace and passing this on to those around me. Through my advice I hope to change the lives of my friends for the better. My past experiences have developed me into the person I am today, and who I am today determines my place in the world tomorrow.