The TNIV Controversy - Resources

The primary TNIV site is Under the TNIV Text link there, you may download a PDF copy of the New Testament to view on your computer. IBS and Zondervan have a nice Open Statement on this site, in which they state they unequivocally support the philosophy section of the Colorado Springs Guidelines, but disagree on the detailed statements supposedly based on that. This site also includes discussion of several passages that others have criticized in the TNIV and the rationale for the TNIV translation of those passages.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) has links to several resources critical of the TNIV at

A statement by several evangelical leaders critical of the TNIV is at

The above three sites all discuss particular passages and their translations in the TNIV. One point not addressed at these sites, but noticed in the public meeting in Colorado Springs, was the inclusion of the woman Damaris as a convert following the Acts 17:22 passage (verse 34), where the critics contend only males were present.

John R. Kohlenberger III has an excellent article on Bible translation (based on a presentation he gave at the 1997 CBA International Convention) now on the TNIV site at . Here's an excerpt from Kohlenberger:

"2 Sam. 7:14a reads, 'I will be a Father to him, and he will be a son to me.' .... But listen to how Paul cites it: 'I will be a Father to you (plural), and you shall be sons and daughters to me.' Everything that is criticized about modern inclusive-language translations was done in 2 Cor. 6:18 by Paul."
The translation guidelines of the International Forum of Bible Agencies, a group of 18 Bible translation agencies, are at

The detail portion of the Colorado Springs Guidelines, (IBS and Zondervan, as they state in the Open Statement referenced above, "unequivocally" accept the philosophy section, omitted here, but now reject some of the detailed statements) is at: Some of the philosophy section is included in the Open Statement on the TNIV site.

The NY Times Magazine had an article ("The His-and-Hers Bible" by Emily Nussbaum): (requires free registration). The article includes this (mis)statement: "Some of the alterations are even justified by the original language. But others are triumphs of ideology over semantics: an ''oops'' to the exclusion of women in practically every verse." No examples are given of changes not justified by the original language.

A World magazine attack ("Should we trust IBS?") is at An earlier article, "PLAYING WORD GAMES: INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY UNVEILS GENDER-NORMED NIV UNDER A NEW NAME" is at (These may require free registration at World's site).

CBMW has an article, "Gender Neutral Bible Controversy Flares Up Once Again", at

Christianity Today has an article, "Comparing the Three NIVs", at

Focus on the Family's press release is at 'Today's New International Version'

The Inclusive NIV (NIVI) is an earlier version released in the UK and is available on the Internet - I've bought these through,, and the Internet Bookshop ( I have links to order several editions under "Recommended Items" on my family Web page (, although some editions listed may no longer be available. There are also links to order the TNIV NT there.