John C Darrow
4899 West Colorado Avenue
Denver, CO 80219-4301
Telephone: 303-936-8051
Fax: 775-249-9530


  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Flexible - willing and able to learn and adapt to new systems and processes
  • Broad background - I consider myself a generalist more than a specialist
  • Detail-oriented - researches and documents how systems work to greatly simplify future implementations, enhancements, and maintenance
  • Team Player - excellent at helping others
  • Skills: UNIX, SQL/Relational design (Sybase & ORACLE), Web Development, Vantive, C++


2001-Present: Retired

Volunteer work for various nonprofits

Telecommunications History Group - Board of Directors & Board Secretary

Colorado Right to Life - Webmaster

Community Ministry of Southwest Denver - Senior Technical Advisor

  • Included networking several computers, setting up a shared DSL connection, helping implement secure SSH tunneling into a Debian Linux server running PostgreSQL, analyzing and correcting backup procedures, and documenting policies and procedures

1984-2001: U S WEST/Qwest Englewood/Denver, CO

Software Developer/Consultant

Though on paper this has been one job, the nature has shifted considerably over time and through various reorganizations. Timeframes for the pieces here are thus approximate.

Web Development (1998-2001)

  • Created and maintained Web sites for various Qwest Dex internal applications; documented applications created by other developers who had left the company
  • Tools used include Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Powerbuilder, perl, WebTrends, Microsoft Access, ODBC, Sybase, and various HTML editors
  • Operating Systems: Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows NT

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Help Desk Applications (1994-2001)

  • Configured and enhanced several instances of the Vantive Help Desk Client/Server products; included creating new database objects, stored procedures and UNIX shell scripts to add functionality such as paging and e-mail notifications, locational redirection of functional problems, and an away/return system to redirect support calls to available resources.
  • Tools used include Vantive, Sybase, ORACLE, UNIX shell scripts, ISQL, Visual Basic, C++, Kermit
  • Operating Systems: HP-UX and Windows NT

Relational Database applications developer/DBA (1984-1994)

  • Created approximately 60 different internal applications, including a Records Management System (on VM/CMS, VMS, MS-DOS, and MacOS), a Legal Tracking System, and Treasury Stock tracking
  • Tools used include ORACLE, VM/CMS EXEC and EXEC2 scripts, PC batch files, VMS scripts, FORTRAN
  • Operating Systems: MS-DOS, IBM VM/CMS, VMS, MacOS 

Technical Support (1984-1988)

  • Responsible for consulting support of various professionals using computer resources
  • Tools used include Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony, various word processing packages, Irma file-transfer software, KERMIT
  • Operating Systems: VM/CMS, MS-DOS

Other Development (1984-2001) 

Other tools used during this time include UDMS, ASK, FOCUS, Gupta SQLBase, Rochade repository, Gupta SQLWindows, MS Word, and MS Excel

1978-1984: Mountain Bell (became U S WEST) Denver, CO

Staff Manager

  • Responsible for pricing and computer projects associated with Local Access Services ($1B/year in revenue), including training and consultation regarding computer usage, pricing of Rural Access Services, pricing and cost studies for local coin service, demand analysis studies using "gravity models", and pricing of non-Rural construction. 
  • Designed several new computer programs to increase the flexibility and speed of our pricing, cutting "critical path" time for rate cases from 3 days to 30 minutes and increasing accuracy from $10,000 to $1
  • Special assignment on Organizational Analysis and Design teams studying the organizational structure of Mountain Bell's Corporate Revenue Requirements department, and recommending appropriate organizational structures.
  • Supervised 2-3 first-level managers.

1975-1978: Mountain Bell Denver, CO

Economic Analyst

  • Responsible for economic cost studies and demand analysis associated with repricing of telecommunications services 
  • Built the first pooled time series - cross sectional statistical model for toll services in Mountain Bell, converted Box-Jenkins computer programs to an in-house computer, trained others in the Box-Jenkins forecasting method, and developed several other statistical tools 

1972-1975: Mountain Bell Denver, CO

Operations Analyst

  • Responsible for various projects for different departments
  • Designed a computer program for telephone operator forecasting (expected workloads and staffing needed every 15 minutes 2 weeks in advance), Estimated savings to company: $600k/year at 1973 rates.
  • Simulation of repair response, and production of some accounting reports for higher management. 

1969-1972: Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO

Computer Lab Assistant

Taught FORTRAN programming to Engineering students

Publications and Presentations

  • "VM Tips and Tricks" at the 1987 International ORACLE User Group Conference. 
  • Workshops at several local ORACLE User Group Meetings and at local MSDOS User Group meetings
  • "Practical Considerations for a Multi-User, Multi-Application ORACLE Installation" at the 1989 International ORACLE User Group Conference. 
  • Several published articles on First Amendment issues, human rights, and theology, including the cover article in Liberty, March/April 1988.


1968-1972 Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO

  • B.S., Mathematics.
  • Graduated with Highest Honors

Other Training

  • "Introduction to C++" and "Advanced C++", Arapahoe Community College, 1994-1995.
  • "Elements of Communications Technology", Sep-Nov 1974, Bell System Center for Technical Education (BSCTE), Lisle, Illinois - a 12-week, 8-hour-a-day graduate level engineering course.
  • "Costs for Pricing Decisions", May 1975, BSCTE, Lisle, Illinois
  • "Modern Techniques in Time Series Forecasting and Dynamic Model Building", August 1976, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ - a course on the Box-Jenkins method of analysis and forecasting. Dr. Box, one of the originators of the technique, was one of the instructors.
  • "Regulatory Economics" seminar series, May 1979, University of Wyoming
  • "UNIX files", "UNIX editor", "UNIX macros", "UNIX morefiles", and "UNIX C" - several computerized courses taken through the Mountain Bell Training and Education Center
  • Denver Seminary, Denver, Colorado both for-credit graduate courses and noncredit courses

Other Interests

  • U S WEST Friends - an employee resource group for those with disabilities. Member; helped organize a Guide Dog presentation as part of disability awareness month.
  • Denver Dex Diversity Team - Webmaster, event organizer, speaker, member
  • Drug rehabilitation counseling, including supervising and training volunteer counselors.
  • Church work - adult teacher in various churches from 1967 through 1993. I have also served as a church Board member, Youth Pastor, and as Financial Secretary.
  • Economic development - served 2 years on the Board of Directors of Mennonite Urban Ministry, including one year as Vice Chairman. 
  • Human rights - active in Colorado Right to Life Committee since 1976, including two terms as State President and several terms as Denver President. Also have served on the Colorado Board of Directors and in various other capacities.
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams - served as a member of the Steering Committee and chairman of the Program Committee for the 1990 International Conference. As part of this conference, we collected donations for Denver food banks as an act of practical peacemaking.
  • Telecommunications History Group - member of Board of Directors since it began in 1992.
  • Garden Park Computer Users Group - President, 1992-1994.
  • Forum for Technical Interchange - active member/participant. Organized and/or presented several Brown Bag Seminars to MIS; organized on-site after-hours C++ classes through Arapahoe Community College, with about 40 or 50 MIS employees taking these classes to enhance their skills. 
  • Computer demonstrations to K-6 students in the Denver Public Schools through Community Resources, Inc. 1981-1990.
  • Computer programming - quite familiar with FORTRAN, BASIC, and SQL. I have also worked some over the years with ALGOL, C, C++, PL/I, APL, ADA, and assembler.