Bio - John Darrow


I am a native Coloradoan, father of 8 and grandfather of 2, married to Zora Lea Cutforth Darrow.


I have worked as a computer software applications developer and Webmaster, and have prepared and presented technical papers at two international computer conferences, and several local conferences. My particular areas of expertise included troubleshooting, relational database, anti-virus software, web development, and customer relationship management (CRM).


I placed my trust in Christ as a child. My family had an active faith in Jesus Christ, which I saw carried out through constantly helping anyone in need. I learned the Scriptures in a small-town Pentecostal church, the Florence (CO) Foursquare Church, particularly the emphasis of Pastor McKee who constantly reminded us to check everything out with Scripture. There was an emphasis on both understanding and obeying the Scriptures.

The Scriptural emphasis on loving your enemy led me to a pacifist stand. Then, as the Vietnam War began, I saw the killing and began to pray and cry over this. In college, I went through mandatory ROTC, which strengthened my conviction. I served as a reference for others who sought CO status at this point.

After college, I served for a short time as Youth Pastor of the Southwest Denver Foursquare Church. I also served a number of years as Director of the Teen Challenge Coffeehouse ministry, a drug rehabilitation ministry under the Assemblies of God Home Missions. My wife and I both took classes at Denver Seminary. We also were part of a short-term musical missions team which toured the Far East under Youth For Christ in 1975.

In 1980, after an extensive search, we joined Garden Park Mennonite Brethren Church, where we currently are active.

Community Involvement

We are also involved in peace activism, which addresses loving our enemies as well as our neighbors. We were organizers of the 1990 "Christian Peace Revival" international conference under Christian Peacemaker Teams. We have written articles on "Civil Disobedience in Biblical and Historical Perspective" and "Peacemaking and War Tax Resistance" for Liberty magazine. I also wrote an article on forgiveness in connection with my sister's murder; this was published in The Christian Leader.

Our philosophy of nonviolence also led to our involvement in the Right to Life Movement, which speaks out against "deliberate killing of innocent human beings" through abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. In Colorado Right to Life, I have served as Denver Metro Chapter President, Secretary, and Treasurer; State President, Secretary, Technology Chairman, Webmaster, and Education Chairman. While I was still able, I often worked booths at the Peoples Fair, Christian Ministries Convention, and other events. Zora and I ran the children's program for the National Right to Life Convention in Denver several years ago. While I was Education Chairman, I updated and published an Education Manual that was distributed to all the chapters. I'm also a member of Feminists for Life and in touch with Not Dead Yet.

Iíve been involved with Community Ministry of Southwest Denver, both as a client and as a volunteer. My primary volunteer work has been in setting up and networking the Ministryís computer systems, and advising and troubleshooting as necessary. I was also able to use my background with nonprofits to advise Community Ministry on revising its Bylaws.

My other community involvement includes politics, where I've been a precinct committee person for over 20 years, and I went as an Alternate to the 2000 Republican National Convention. I'm on the Board of the Telecommunications History Group, and Secretary of that Board. I'm also a member of Christians for Biblical Equality, which supports women in ministry. I served two years on the Board of Mennonite Urban Ministry, including serving as Vice Chairman. I've also been Webmaster, speaker, and event organizer for the Denver Dex Diversity Team.