Some of our interests are:

Bible Gateway
Quotes on War and Peace
 Bible Translation info
(Presentation at CBE meeting March 2002)
National Right to Life
Military Registration and Conscientious Objection

Computer Viruses, Worms, & Hoaxes - Resources
Mennonite Connections on the WWW
Feminists For Life of America (FFLA)
Diabetes Support group website
 Peace and CO Groups
Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE)
Assorted Prolife Links
American Hemochromatosis Society
American Anti-Slavery Group
Moral and Ethical Perspectives on the News
The Denver Police Spy Files
(John is included.)
 Generate a Diabetes Management Certificate
Computer America Radio Show
Community Ministry of Southwest Denver
Contacting your legislators
E-Mail Discussion and Mailing Lists
Computer Outlook Radio Show
Scrolling text test.
linking to My Amazon site.
Check out My Amazon link.

Gomez Peer
Into Tomorrow Computer & Technology Radio Show
Main Street Church
Brigham City, Utah

Jim Catlin (Catherine's father) is pastor here.
Mr. Rebates - Cash-back shopping at your favorite stores
Mr. Rebates - Cash-back shopping at your favorite stores
Telecommunications History Group
- includes the
Telecommunications Virtual Museum
Tabor College
Hillsboro, KS
 Sweepstakes links
 Testimony Tweets

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