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[John Darrow obituary picture]
John's Dad's obituary
(Click for article in Florence Citizen, June 26, 2014)

[John & Fannie Darrow 2005]
John's parents - John & Fannie Darrow - August 2005
(Click for article in Florence Citizen, August 18, 2005)

[Darrows 2002]
Darrow Family - December 2002
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[Darrows 1998]
Darrow Family - December 1998

Zora and John in front of waterfall in Wulai, Taiwan
Zora and John Darrow, Wulai, Taiwan, March 17, 1975


Combined Darrow/Cutforth families
Combined Cutforth/Darrow families
Back row - Steve Crouse, Elsie (Cutforth) Crouse, Virginia Cutforth, Tim Cutforth, Gerry Darrow with Brianna Darrow on his shoulders, Jennie Darrow, Janna Darrow, Zora (Cutforth) Darrow, John P. Darrow, Debbie Darrow
Front row - Carl Cutforth, Brisa Cutforth, Charles Cutforth, Bobby Darrow, Darlene Cutforth, Joan Darrow, John C Darrow


Extended Darrow families
Extended Darrow families
Back row - Jennie Darrow, Gerry Darrow, John P Darrow, Janna Darrow
Middle Row - Bobby Darrow, Brianna Darrow, Debbie Darrow
Front row - John C Darrow, Zora L Darrow, Joan Darrow


Combined Darrow/Cutforth families
Combined Darrow/Cutforth families
Back row - John P Darrow, Tom Darrow, Catherine Darrow, Marie Darrow, Carl Cutforth
Second Row - Virginia Cutforth, Steve Crouse, Elsie (Cutforth) Crouse, Zora (Cutforth) Darrow, Jennie Darrow
Third Row - Tim Cutforth, Charles Cutforth, Joan Darrow, Darlene Cutforth, John C Darrow, Gerry Darrow
Front row - Debbie Darrow, Bobby Darrow, Brianna Darrow, Janna Darrow

Common Family Sayings
"Normality is boring"
"You're really weird!" "Thank you!"
"Why do I always find things in the third-to-the-last place I look?"